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Tages 2016 - Magnum 1,5 L

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Tages (Tarchies), the son of Mother Earth, was a young man and Etruscan god who synthesised the purity of a child and the experience of a mature man. Born in the furrow of a ploughed field, he lived just long enough to teach the Etruscans about divination, predicting the future and creating harmony between nature and the will of the Gods.
Poggio Rosso chose his name for its youngest wine, one that expresses the terroir's particular qualities in the most direct and harmonious manner.
It is a fresh wine whose immediacy is seductive, its aromas intense and flavour rich and harmonious.

Tages 2016 - Magnum 1,5 L

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Formato 1,5 L
Annata 2016
Periodo Vendemmia Sangiovese: 4th week of September, Merlot: 1st week of September
Tipo di Uva 40% Sangiovese, 60% Merlot
Resa per ettaro 50 quintals
Selezione Uve by hand
Sistema di allevamento on cordons and spur-pruned 6700 vines/ha
Vinificazione Traditional, in steel vats
Evoluzione 12 months in barriques of 2nd and 3rd passage
Affinamento 6 mesi in bottiglia
Alcol Svolto 14.50 %
Acidità Totale 5.1
Estratto 29
Filtrazioni filter pad of 0.045 micron (0.0000045 cm)
Zucchero Residuo No
Imbottigliato 23.01.2018
Produzione Totale 10 bt