A great passion for the land that comes from afar.

The Tenuta di Poggio Rosso is a 20-hectare landholding in the western extremity of Val di Cornia, in the ancient territory of Populonia.

The grounds include six hectares of vineyards in white and red varietals and two hectares of olive groves, planted with 600 trees of the Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo oil varieties. To the east side of the property is a six-hectare pine wood, backed by the Mediterranean macchia of Val di Cornia Park. By gathering and recycling different water sources that would otherwise be lost, the Monelli family has created a small artificial lake and developed a completely independent irrigation system, contributing greatly to the environment.

The main Villa is a 19th-century structure in rectangular plan that has been restored to its original sober classical style. The Limonaia, which was historically used for agricultural storage, has been transformed into a work and reception area: the ample windows of the main floor look out onto the grounds and Val di Cornia Park, while the cellars hold the wines, in the process of aging in bottles.

We offer a warm welcome to Tenuta Poggio Rosso … and wish of “good wine for all” !

The Monelli Family